Ritically consider the role of reward management in attracting and retaining talent

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Essay structure to be stricly observed:
Introduction: 200-250 words

Body: 1000-1200 words
i § Definition: Reward Management, extrinsic and intrinsic
i § Definition: Talent (across all generations, e.g. Generation Y whom value intrinsic rewards as much as extrinsic rewards)
i § To be selective about the key points (e.g. 3, maximum 4). Each point should be how each individual type of reward plays a role in attracting and retaining talent, and how they do so collectively.

Conclusion: 200-250 words

Tutors will apply the following assessment criteria that are developed more fully in the attached assessment grid.
a? Evidence of accessing and using relevant theoretical material and the ability to demonstrate this material has been used to inform the outcomes of the papers.
a? The ability to demonstrate a critical understanding of the literature.
a? The ability to communicate effectively through the vehicle of a written paper produced in accordance with the learning objectives and assessment criteria provided.
a? Use the APA referencing system to accurately reference any literature sources used to inform the paper and to compile the related list of references. Further information is in your course handbook.
Aril, 12, interval 1,5

Referencing Requirements:
academic literature and journals to be used. Please, use mandatory CIPD factsheets, surveys and books.