Ritically consider whether the current law on spousal compellability is justifiable.

correctly identify and discus the spousal compellability
give an accurate and knowledgeable account of the law using cases and legislation .
use journals to accurately consider if its justifiable mentioning why or why not .
critisize using opinions of law people from judges and written journals and articles about the topic .
refer to a range of legal and academic sources
look beyond the question (e.g. consider whether, and how, existing law should be reformed).
write opinion supported by law sources .
Essays should contain footnotes. All assignments must include an alphabetically arranged bibliography of sources referred to in your work (exclude materials you read in the course of your research but do not actually use. Whether a student has consulted a wide range of sources is evident from the quality of the discussion). As a guide, a  professional assignment will adopt essentially the same approach as that taken in academic articles in law journals: authority cited for points made, tangential points included in footnotes, precise and correct acknowledgment of sources.