Ritically Discuss Beuys Vision of a Time When Every Living Person Becomes a Creator”.

Dont just detail what your philosopher believes. Critically analyse it.
Give attention to details in your essay, then move to something else. Alternative perspectives, etc.
Have the philosophers opinion take up about half the essay.
You dont have to draw upon philosophers for this essay. You can also get the viewpoints and beliefs of artists when comparing and contrasting.
**Explanation, then critical discussion**
Explain how readings interpret or challenge the work of an artist
Expected to address one or more readings from the course.
Readings from the course can be used in any of the essays; Include them in the bibliography
No great demand on secondary reading
*No bold, personal opinions expressed as fact* This cannot be right because…”
No grand conclusions necessary. More interesting in the opening of a topic rather than closing it.
Would rather you be less certain in your beliefs
*Please re-read your essay*
How the essay is written IS of importance
Images arent necessary
Dont describe the artwork too much. Its an essay.
Make sure you answer the question
Dont cite Wikipedia.
2250 word limit (excluding bibliography)

Referencing Requirements:
Recommended Reading: