Ritically discuss evidence for and against metaphorically comparing the function of selective visual attention to an Attentional spotlight”

I have put the main essay mark sheet headings numbered 1-6 below, this shows all the general criteria for the essay to be marked upon, also I will attach one of the lectures that it connects to, it might help slightly.

1. (CONTENT) Answers question and addresses main topic throughout the essay using relevant material appropriate to level

2. (STRUCTURE) Synthesis of a range of material clearly organised into a coherent whole

3. Critical evaluation of theoretical concepts and research evidence appropriate to level

4. (LINE OF ARGUMENT) Presents a clear and convincing line of argument

5.(HANDLING EVIDENCE) Claims supported by relevant evidence from the literature AND Appropriate citation of references within the text and format of the reference section

6. (ADHERING TO CONTEXT) Evidence that context understood; work is within word limit
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