Ritically discuss how knowledge of the chronic radiation induced long term side effects have impacted on current treatment practices.

A high degree of critical evaluation and discussion is expected,
covering both the clinical and psychological aspects. Therefore
most of your reference sources should be peer reviewed and
cover a broad range of topics relevant to the title.
you must choose any chronic effects caused by radiotherapy and how radiotherapy new techniques could have an impact on minimising this effect. I will be attaching sample essays on how it has been done and what example they have chosen with the tutor feedback. please see the way they have evaluated NB. you are NOT allowed to copy any of this work just to use it as an example. one of the examples focused on breast cancer which I want my topic to be concentrating on as well. PLEASE see the paper that focuses on breast cancer and see the evaluation level on it and follow it. the second paper, look at the way of evaluation they used.
will be attaching these as soon as a writer will be assigned.