Ritically discuss how youth work practice contributes to young people s transition from dependence to interdependence


To provide students with an understanding of personal and social challenges faced by young people in contemporary society; the impact of these issues for young people and the youth service.

Learning outcomes

Evaluate the importance of the concept of self identity, its formation and influence on young people passage to adulthood; the role of the youth service in supporting young peoples self-esteem and confidence.

Demonstrate a critical understanding of the impact of mental health issues on young people, their families and the wider community.

Appraise the effects of a range of social issues that significantly affect young people and their engagement in society.


Examination of the concept of self-identity and its impact during early, mid and late adolescence. In addition an exploration of identity development in vulnerable groups (looked after/adopted chillderen; ethnic minority groups.

Critical examination of a range of mental health issues that affects young people. An exploration of the issues that may underline the rise in mental ill-health in young people. Evaluate strategies/policies and interventions that may have been developed to support young people with mental health challenges.

Critical evaluation of a range of social issues such as substance misuse, pregnancy, joblessness, delinquency and poverty.
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