Ritically Discuss Its Impact on Family Market in Hospitality & Tourism Context

This essay is based on journals articles and limited sources from the internet and books.

This easy involves a lot of research and it is a critical evaluation and analysing

Please to start with this work please read my introduction which i will upload and some topics i have already covered.
I have already covered some few of the topics which are (introduction, the importance of family market and factors affecting family decision)
Please continue from where I ended.
All you have to do is a brief description of family life cycle and the stages. For the family life cycle stages Do not just use only one Journal article. You must use many Journal article as possible and there should be a comparison
Also for the joint decision making YOU MUST include such following:
Children Influences on family decision
The power of children affecting family decision (Consider the ages and refer to the power slides note)
How children have had an impact or affecting joint decision making
Please remember to write about children behaviour and their impact of how it has affected on family decision
Please add your Conclusion, Recommendation and your References you have used.