Ritically discuss the business case for diversity and inclusion by drawing on academic theories, research evidence and practice-based examples.

It is expected that students show in their essays that they read and engaged with literature discussed in academic books and academic journals. In addition students are expected to draw on practical examples to argue their case. substantial research
Business Case pressure put on an organisation to make change happen
how might diversity and inclusion improve organisational functioning and performance
business rationale behind diversity and inclusion its effect on profits , innovation , risk, creativity
PRACTICAL examples desk based research comparisons eg. IBM vs KPMG vs Abercrombie & FItch

Referencing Requirements:
references should consist of academic books and academic journal articles
Publicly available academic theories , research evidence , practice based examples
2 books that can be used :
Gatrell, C., & Swan, E. 2008. Gender and Diversity in Management: A Concise Introduction. London: Sage
Bailne, B. E. 2007. Understanding the Psychology of Diversity. London: Sage.