Ritically discuss the concept and nature of policy communities and policy networks using at least one a?real worlda example.

This is a Public Policy and Administrationessay.

States your contention at the beginning.
Explain to reader why your argument is important whats at stake.
Formulate your question and answer in such a way that most of the evidence is going to be found in the primary text itself.
Make the argument the subject of the essay.
Explain the authors reasoning on this particular point as fully as is necessary (and no more), and as sympathetically as you can.
Making an argument and analysis are the important key of the essay, dont put too many words on describing the text.

Here are the recommendation for your Referencing:
Hogwood, B.W. (1995) Public Policy, Public Administration 73, 59-73.

Howlett, M., Ramesh, M. and Perl, A. (2009) Studying Public Policy: Policy Cycles and Policy Subsystems
Johnston Miller, Karen; Mctavish, Duncan. (2013), Making and Managing Public Policy, Routledge.
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Word Count:
Main content must not over 2200 words in total.