Ritically discuss the development of the mechanisms of enforcement of EU law. Are these mechanisms satisfactory?

a? For font style and size, please choose Ariel or Calibri, in font size 12.
a? As a courtesy to internal markers, please ensure work is double-spaced and printed double sided.
a? Students must declare a word count for each piece of coursework submitted students who misrepresent the number of words contained in any piece of coursework will receive no marks for that piece of coursework.
a? 3,000 words is an absolute limit on the number of words that can be included in the assessment. Students should not exceed that limit.
a? If the 3,000 word limit is exceeded, 10 marks will be deducted from that piece of coursework for every 200 words by which the limit is exceeded.
a? The word count is not a minimum. Students may use fewer words if they choose to do so (although if a student writes much less than the suggested word count, they are less likely to pass).
a? The word count includes words used in footnotes and citations.
a? The word count excludes words used in the bibliography.