Ritically discuss the importance of sponsorship in the event industry.

(1) The essay should be a maximum of 2500 (+-10%) words in length. Indicate the word count at the end of your essay. Please do not go over this maximum limit!
(2) You must demonstrate a range of relevant and good quality reading and investigation a use a mix of books, journal articles, reports, etc.
(3) Include a list of references and use appropriate referencing throughout the essay (the style to be used is the Harvard style of referencing).
(4) Read the question carefully and be critical in your discussion

The structure of the essay:

1) Introduction to essay say what the essay is about and how it will be structured. Mention here also what your conclusion will be

(2) Defining Sponsorship here you can provide more than one definition of sponsorship and compare and contrast these.

You can also say something here about the size of the sponsorship market, the breakdown of sponsorship (e.g. what percentage of total sponsorship is sports sponsorship etc) and also how the sponsorship industry has grown

(3) the benefits of sponsorship to the sponsor

(4) the benefits of sponsorship to the event organisation

(5) Issues with sponsorship which might impact on its effectiveness/importance e.g. ambush marketing etc. You can also include in this section a discussion about whether sponsorship is equally important for all types of events or whether other funding sources might be more or as important as sponsorship.

(6) Conclusion