Ritically discuss the knowledge and skills required for nursing leadership in an interprofessional team

Word limit 2000 words
TMA 01 question
Critically discuss the knowledge and skills required for nursing leadership in an interprofessional team.
For this TMA you need to refer to the module materials in Blocks 1 and 2. You should also demonstrate that you have searched the wider literature to support your discussion.
This will help you to demonstrate a critical understanding of the skills needed for effective leadership in practice. This will include the ability to identify and discuss various theories and models of leadership and explain their relevance in practice management.
You are also required to discuss how professional and ethical practice impact on service user care and interprofessional working. You may draw on your experiences of practice, but remember to respect confidentiality. You should also draw on the evidence base to illustrate your answer and you will need to refer to the module materials and other sources of information. It is important that you show evidence of wider reading around the topic.
If appropriate to the context, ensure that your essay is sensitive to cultural and other forms of diversity.
You should recognise the diversity within the interprofessional team.
Learning outcomes
You should consider the following learning outcomes when planning and writing your TMA, although you do not need to refer specifically to each one in your assignment.
Knowledge and understanding
Students will develop knowledge and understanding of:
1.2 Suitable outcomes for patients and clients in non-routine situations.
1.4 The implication of personal abilities and beliefs for personal professional practice.
1.5 Effective workload management in planning and decision making to ensure safe and effective care.
1.6 Working in a multi-professional team to meet individual patient and client needs.
1.7 Management, leadership and delegation issues in a practice context.
1.8 The ways in which information is structured and organised in professional/academic information systems.
Cognitive skills
Students will be able to:
2.2 Identify and use a suitable model of decision making, analyse the outcomes and adjust accordingly.
2.4 Evaluate different sources of evidence and choose and use appropriately in nursing settings.
2.5 Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a range of approaches to improving the quality of care received by patient and clients.
2.6 Apply ethical and legal concepts to practice situations.
Key skills
Students will be able to:
3.1 Use electronic and other information sources to advance own learning with a degree of independence.
3.2 Plan for further and continuing acquisition of knowledge and skills using a range of sources.
Practical and/or professional skills
4.1 NMC Domain 1: Professional and Ethical Practice
4.3 NMC Domain 3: Care Management
4.4 NMC Domain 4: Personal and Professional Development
Key sources
Blocks 1 and 2