Ritically discuss the main functions of trade unions and how effectively they can achieve them in the modern day employment relationship.

Assessment Criteria : Evidence of research :
A1 & A2 Outstanding range of sources exceptionally referenced
A3 & A4 Extensive range of sources very well referenced
B1-3 Good range of sources generally well referenced
Knowledge and understanding:
A1 & A2 Outstanding organisation of knowledge reflecting total understanding
A3 & A4 Excellent organisation of knowledge reflecting extensive understanding
B1-3 Competent organisation of knowledge reflecting sound understanding
C1-3 Reasonable organisation of knowledge reflecting satisfactory understanding
Use of reasoning and argument to address question:
A1 & A2 Exemplary use of reasoning and argument to address question set
A3 & A4 Excellent use of reasoning and argument to address question set
B1-3 Competent use of reasoning and argument to address question set
C1-3 Satisfactory use of reasoning and argument to address question set
Clarity of communication:
A1 & A2 Outstanding clarity achieved
A3 & A4 Excellent clarity achieved
B1-3 Good level of clarity achieved
C1-3 Satisfactory level of clarity achieved

Referencing Requirements:
Essay Writing Tips
1. Separate out the key phases in the process: researching, reading, planning and writing.
2. Consult a wide range of literature and ensure that good quality journals are your prime source.
3. Make notes of key points as you read and keep an on-going bibliography.
4. Write in the 1st or 3rd person consistently.
5. Avoid too many headings. No lists.
6. Plan the essay carefully and identify your key argument in the planning stage.
7. Consider the key points you wish to make and distribute the words available between these key points, remembering the need for balance.
8. Use the introduction to explain your key argument and to explain what you intend to cover.
9. Support each point with evidence or examples. Be critical.
10. Ensure a link is made between each main point and how it relates to the question.
11. Referencing and bibliographies are often poorly presented so ensure the correct protocols are met.
12. Take care with paragraphing, avoid very short paragraphs.
13. Take care with spelling, vocabulary and syntax.
14. Proof read your work aloud.