Ritically discuss the manifestations of national identity in popular culture in contemporary UK or your country of origin.

I know I shouldnt be mentioning this here but I would greatly appreciate if this assignment could pass as a 2:1. I am obviously not very good at writing essays and I hope you can try your best to make this happen for me because this one essay accounts for 100% for my module! No pressure! Thanks
The assignment is actually due on the 23rd of January so you have an extra if needed.
I would like at least 7 sources and if you go over that is fine
I will upload 2 power points from my lectures so you have an idea what the topic should include eg. theorists and terminology
For the topic, You can either to UK or my birth place, Hong Kong. ( I am Chinese mixed Portuguese so if you choose to write on that topic you can include how diverse it is using me as an example?) I dont know your choice.
If you have any question small or big dont hesitate to ask as i will be logging in everyday to see if you have posted anything!
Thanks so much

Added on 15.01.2015 17:38
I will actually send you 4 power points which are fairly short. This should clear things up
The essay can go over 3500 if you must but not any less.