Ritically discuss the principle of supremacy of EU Law and identify how Member States respond to this principle

A strong introduction which will be related to the subject and what will be followed, how i will move to my essay.

Any cases which are related to the supremacy of the EU law are VERY CRUCIAL. We need to evidence anything we say. So cases which involves Eu supremacy must be mentioned. Do not give many details about what happend just a brief summary. But is important to mention them and what the court decide.

Need to write how the member states respond to this EU supremay

Some sentences about directives,regulations, direct effect, indirect effect etc..


EU treaties how they impact and related to our subject ?

finally a strong conclusion, with our opinion about our subject.

Thats all. The most important thing is to be always compatible with the essay title. My structure might be wrong, so if you disagree somewhere you can modify it.
Josephine Steiner, Lorna Woods. EU Law. 10th edition

This is our book which the University told us to buy for EU law. Please use more books than this one,because bibliography is very important. Citation -references aswell.