Ritically discuss the psychological and social effects of pregnancy

” A critical issue must be identified and clearly addressed in the essay, with research evidence used in support of arguments made. All references must be accurately cited and listed.

” Evidence of breath and depth of reading is essential. Good work will show evidence that both general and specialised texts/journals have been consulted. Credit will be awarded where students have been able to critically appreciate the literature, demonstrating awareness of both theoretical and methodological issues. The ability to critically analyse contrasting views and theories should be demonstrated.

” The essay should be well organised, with a logical sequence of points contained within an effective introduction and conclusion.

” The style of writing should be clear, fluent and succinct. Spelling and grammar must be correct

(This is a third year assessment, I do not require a title page, also could the essay be one and a half line spaced as it is the word count which is important)
APA Guidelines