Ritically discuss the reasons why organisations outsource IT

Assessment Task

Option 1 Q1 Critically discuss the reasons why organisations outsource IT.
What are the crucial issues in managing these outsourced relationships?

Draw on relevant journals in the areas of Information Systems, E-Commerce, Procurement, Economics and General Business and Management when developing your answer.

Assessment format Report with use of clear (preferably numbered) headings
Word limit

4500 words (not including refs) Word Count should be included.
Word Limit Penalty
10% excess No Reduction
20% excess 5% Reduction
30% excess 10% Reduction
40% excess 15% Reduction
50% excess 20% Reduction
Above 50% half the total marks
Assessments in excess of the word limit will be penalised in accordance with the above scale. Where this is not appropriate please specify and/ or state the method you intend to use).
Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment
On completion of the module students should be able to:
(a) Understand the nature of MIC systems and how they improve management decision making
(b) Evaluate the strategy of MIC systems in different types of organisation
(c) Identify the factors leading to innovation in MIC systems and understanding the limits of application
(d) Demonstrate how MIC systems are able to integrate the various management functions to enhance the overall performance of organisations

Assessment criteria Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria Maximum marks for each section

Content, style, relevance, originality Must have a strong literature base which should be mainly drawn from journals.

Some useful journals, all available through a GSM MyAthens account, are as follows:

Some readable journals pitched at the business reader

a? California Management Review
a? Harvard Business Review
a? Strategic Change
a? MIS Quarterly Executive

Some journals pitched at the academic reader

a? Communications of the ACM
a? Communications of AIS
a? British Journal of Management
a? International Journal of Electronic Commerce
a? Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
a? Information Systems Journal
a? MIS Quarterly
a? Strategic Management Journal
a? Service Industries Journal

Some health and public sector journals

a? Health Management Technology
a? Journal of Healthcare Management
a? Public Money and Management

To reach the depth required at MBA level extensive use should be made of journals to provide frameworks for analysis. Practitioner sources can be used as a supplement to the journals for current news and ideas. The websites of Gartner and Forrester are useful.

Format, referencing, bibliography (i) Report format
(ii) Strict Harvard
(iii) Evidence of wide reading
(iv) Separate list of references and bibliography as per the College standard.

Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion

Must not follow a descriptive approach, rather an analytical style should be followed
Must be clearly structured, with an introduction which offers a clear structure, a logical flow and a conclusion which briefly summarises the key points covered