Ritically discuss the relationship between uneven geographic development and globalization.

1. the first pdf is the ppt of the course
2. 2-6 are the readings of our topic
3. there are some books(about understanding globalisation) which can be found in google ebook:
a) Ritzer, G. (2010). Globalization. A basic text. Wiley Blackwell.
b) Ritzer, G. and Atalay, Z. (eds) (2010). Readings in Globalization. Key Concepts
and Major Debates. Wiley Blackwell.
c) Herod, A. (2009). Geographies of Globalization. Blackwell
d) Thomas L. Friedman. The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century
4.World Bank (2009). World development report 2009: Reshaping economic
geography. Can be found in http://econ.worldbank.org. Overview and Chapter 4 (Scale economies and agglomeration) are important. (I cant upload this report because its too big)