Ritically discuss the role of the nures in the promotion of continence in older people

Define and discuss your understanding of continence management, linking it to the ageing process and the rreasons why older people are more susceptible to becoming incontinent, age, diet, immobility, depression and spinster loose.

Anatomy and physiology of the ageing process should be briefly explained.

In this assignment it is important to define and discuss your understanding of attitudes towards older people, who are incontinent, and why it occurs linking it to ageism.

Explore the role of the nurse in relation to continence assessment

Consider the impact incontinence could have on the older person and their family.

Appraise strategies in health promotion and rehabilitation that can assist the oler person with incontinence and their family.

Your discussions should address the following inter-disciplinary practice, relevant research and government policies ( including the national Service framework for older People).

You must demonstrate effective integration of academic learning with examples from clinical practice. However, this assignment should not be based on case study.