Ritically discuss the role of the social worker and significant changes in the role over time, with reference to current reforms.

Hi there, these are the instructions I was given to complete this paper. It is for Social Work

For this essay it is set at level 6 the final year of a undergraduate degree.please use one and a half spacing, 1 inch margins and an ordinary font such as Ariel or New Times Roman, size 12. Go no more than 10% over the word found.
For this essay it is intended that you should look at the role of the social worker from a wide perspective, thinking about how it has developed, and different perspectives that have influenced how social work has been performed in England at different times.
Social Work: An introduction to contemporary practice 2009 will be particularly helpful here as a reference but do draw upon a wide range of sources beyond the core text.
Need to focus and elective in what is covered. From research try to develop a clear thesis a particular line of argument about hat you want to say on this subject and then focus the essay on those points that support your argument, and maybe any challenges to that view.
There are many possibilities such as 1) The way in which a series of public debates emanating from the Wotton report through to Baby P have influenced the direction of social work practice. 2) Alternatively you may think that despite some changes in role, there are core factors that have remained constant. You might show how the client/ social worker relationship has ebbed and flowed in how far it is regarded as of central impotence in social work practice in different periods.
3( You might think that the sort of organisations that employ social workers greatly influences the role they play, or that is is for wider political reasons that state services and charities have provided more or less services at different times. and how this might influence the social work role.

No one right answer to the title, though you do need to support your view with sound arguments and references. It is helpful to outline the argument you are presenting in the introduction and then sum it up in the conclusion. In the body of the essay methodically go through the points from your research that led you to these conclusions, making sure that you attribute the information and views to the correct authors. Do use quotes as appropriate. You may use media if relevant.