Ritically discuss the scope and application of jus cogens.

Dear Writer,

Please follow the below instructions in order to complete this extended essay:

Law Extended Essay 5000 words

Subject: Public International Law Jus Cogens

Topic: Critically discuss the scope and application of jus cogens.

I have attached my essay plan which includes every section that should be included on the essay. The writer will have to write the essay based on the provided plan and based on the main argument that is made on the plan. Please note that you need to provide a postgraduate level paper.


Each section on the essay must always be supported and interrelated with the main argument.

Please also note that the introduction should also mention at the end what will be included in the work. In order to inform the reader what will follow.

Assessment criteria:

Reading and Knowledge: extensive reading and comprehensive knowledge
Understanding and Analysis: awareness of issues, original and critical analysis, wider significance
Argument: persuasive, defensible, original, logical, convincing
Organisation and Presentation: development of material and argument, well-presented and written, extensive bibliography, flawless footnotes

To provide an excellent answer that demonstrates considerable independent thinking and links this with a broad and detailed knowledge of the subject area. This should be exemplified by an astute choice of relevant examples where appropriate, derived from material that goes beyond that suggested for the programme or module. This should be integrated into a well-reasoned answer that carries a clear, thoughtful and substantiated line of argument.

Referencing: Oxford OSCOLA and Footnotes. I will upload the two referencing guides for your convenience. Please note that there is a specific way of referencing international law documents (treaties, cases lawa¦.). Both OSCOLA guides are relevant for referencing this work.

Language style: English UK (terms and terminology must also be english-UK for example write civilisation donat write civilizationa¦)

Please refer to a wide range of sources: primary and secondary sources (International Treaties, case law, UNSC Res, UNGA Res, academic books, journal articles, reports, articlesa¦)

You should also consider Customary International Law for this topic.

Minimum Number of Academic References that must be USED on the essay: 50 (at least 25 must be journal articles) Textbooks cannot be considered as proper academic references and therefore cannot be used in an essay.

I will be adding a very small number of journal articles as attachments that might be useful.

*Please also bear in mind that for EACH reference (footnote) that you will use on the essay you must include the RELEVANT PAGE NUMBERS (FOR REFERENCING PURPOSES). Please donat just put for example a book without giving the exact page numbers that you have used. The same applies for all the references that you will be using. But please note that It is necessary to provide the exact page numbers that you have used. This is a referencing guideline. For example if you are using 3 pages just reference the 3 pages but do not reference all the pages of the source.

Please include an adequate bibliography at the end of the essay and use OSCOLA for writing the bibliography.

In the Bibliography you must ONLY include what you have referenced in the essay (in your footnotes). There is no point to add in the bibliography references which you did not include in the essay. So only write in the bibliography what is included in the work and please comply with the instructions [Minimum Number of Academic References that must be used on the essay: 50 (at least 25 of these must be journal articles)].

Below is a suggested format of the extended essay:
The title
Abstract/executive summary
Contents Page
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5a¦
Appendices (if having any)

Some Journal Articles that might be relevant:

Byers, Michael. a?Conceptualising the Relationship between Jus Cogens and Erga Omnes Rules.a? Nordic Journal of International Law 66 (1997), p. 211-239.

Charlesworth, Hilary and Christine Chinkin. a?The Gender of Jus Cogens.a? Human Rights Quarterly 15 (1993), p. 63-76.

Christensen, Gordon A. a?Jus Cogens: Guarding Interests Fundamental to International Society.a? Virginia Journal of International Law 28 (1987-88), p. 585-648.

Linderfalk, Ulf. a?The Effect of Jus Cogens Norms: Whoever Opened Pandoraas Box, Did You Ever Think About the Consequences?a? European Journal of International Law 18, no. 5 (2007), p. 852-871.

Orakhelashvili, Alexander. a?The Impact of Preemptory Norms on the Interpretation and Application of United Nations Security Council Resolutions.a? European Journal of International Law 16, no. 1 (2005), p. 5988.

Please note that you must read the uploaded materials and use them if necessary and if you feel that they are relevant.

Please let me know if you require any further clarifications.

Thank you