Ritically discuss the statement. The service-profit chain is a relic of the 1990s and is of questionable relevance today”

A maximum word count of 3,000 is required.
A minimum of 15 sources should be used.
The essay should be written in a journal format, with use of headings, and diagrames if necessary.
The Harvard system should be used for citations and referencing.

The layout should be as follows:
Introduce the topic of discussion
Establish conventional wisdom
Identify supporting arguments
Identify counter arguments (if any)
Discuss relative merits

Please could the following journal articles be incorporated.
{Heskett, J.L., Jones, T.O., Loveman, G.W., Sasser, W.E.J. and Schlesinger, L.A. (1994), a?Putting the service-profit chain to worka?, Harvard Business Review, March-April, pp. 164-74.}

{Heskett, J.L. (2002), a?Beyond customer loyaltya?, Managing Service Quality, Vol. 12 No. 6, pp. 355-7.}

Also the following authors have relevant work on the Service-Profit Chain: Rhian Silvestro and Rachel W.Y. Yee et al