Ritically discuss the use of standard deviation as a risk indicator for investment purposes?”

Presentation The way in which the Courseworks are presented is important. The format must be:-
a? Paper A4 white, typed on one side only (paper copy)
a? Text should be double spaced except for footnotes, appendices and indented quotations which should be single spaced
a? Margins are 25 mm
a? Pagenumbering small roman (i, ii …) for preliminary pages, arabic (1,2 …) for main text and appendages (at the bottom middle of the pages)
a? Font -Times New Roman 12pt
a? Justification -Full
a? You are required to advise of the total number of pages (for the whole document) when you are handing it in and the total word count (excluding appendices) These will be included in your declaration that this is your own work etc.
a? BindingStaples are acceptable if using a paper submission
a? All references to be made using the Harvard system