Ritically discuss the value of word of mouth to marketers

1) pick an own essay title within introduction to marketing i want to work around the topic word of mouth, i gave my own title above, however please adjust as necessary.

2. The aim of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to undertake an in-depth examination
of a marketing topic that you consider to be interesting.
3. The essay title is broad, but better essays will be likely to present an argument based on a
specific idea or theme and as such the selection of articles will not be random.
4. In the rubric, the term i??topici?? can be considered at different levels of specificity. For example,
branding can be considered to be a topic and a focus for the essay. But within the branding a
more specific topic can be i??brand valuesi?? and this can also form the basis for an essay. How
narrow your choice of topic is, depends on the availability of the literature.
5. In the rubric, the instruction to i??critically reviewi?? means that your essay should attempt to
provide more than a description or summary of the contents of the relevant articles. For
example, you can examine the differences in underlying assumptions, limitations due to
methodology and so on.
6. The combination of articles you select as the source material of your essay is at your
discretion. Indeed your choice can be driven by what you hope to learn from this exercise. The
following are only illustrative examples, but they do show the wide range of options you have.
a. The articles you select can be closely related in terms of methodology and the focus could
be to explore different approaches within qualitative studies on relationship marketing or the
different ways by which service quality can be measured quantitatively.
b. Your selection can focus on methodology, for example comparing and contrasting
qualitative and quantitative approaches to a subject.
c. Your selection can be deliberately longitudinal, in order to illustrate how a particular field
has developed over time.
7. You should spend some time ensuring that your selection is a thoughtful and interesting one
and that the points you are hoping to make provide some insight into the subject matter that
are interesting and not trivial.
8. The quantity of articles reviewed is at your discretion. Too many articles may well mean that a
large proportion of the essay word-count is taken up with citations and too little is left for any
substantive discussion. Too few articles will lead to an insubstantial discussion.