Ritically discuss theoretical explanations of victims and victimology.

This coursework gives you the chance to demonstrate your understanding of theoretical arguments within victimology.

[Note this is a critical piece of writing. It is not enough to simply describe theories. You must comment on their good and bad points. You can also give examples of where particular theories have had a positive or negative influence.]

The work should be referenced to appropriate academic sources. Please remember this is a 3rd Year unit and you must use texts, journals and web sources that are suitable for advanced level undergraduate study. Please do not use Wikipedia or A level Sociology texts. Nor should you be referencing materials that are designed as student notes for other universities. For example, if the URL ends with edu this is a US university website. It would be like an American student accessing the weekly lecture notes I provide for you. These are useful (well I would say that, wouldnt I?) but they are not academic texts.