Ritically discuss whether adopting HRM might enhance the performance of tourism organisations

For criteria please see the module handbook

This is a more focussed question than the one set previously in that it asks you to comment on whether HRM increases tourism organisations performance or not.
Therefore again it would be useful to define HRM and to refer to the fact that defining HRM creates a problem for the question as there is no one definition. A further complication is that there are a number of different models. For the sake of the essay you could concentrate on (briefly) explaining the best fit and best practice models as most of the debate centres around the fact that performance increases EITHER by applying your HR to the organisational context or that these are a set of practices that have been universally identified with enhancing organisations performance. It would be useful to look at the David Guest 2011 article who summarises 20 years of research into this debate a as a foundation to then looking at the tourism industry. Then you need to carefully look at the evidence presented in research by Hoque, Alleyne et al a in hotelswhether applying HR does indeed increase organisations performance or not a and the results of these 2 articles are not conclusive. You could also look at the work we did on the airline industry, where applying HR to 2 different organisational settings has seemed to enhance the effectiveness of both Ryanair and South West airlines. You could also look at problems of introducing HRM that need to be taken into account if the modules are to be effective, for example in the attractions sector. Make sure at ALL times that you answer the question a i.e. which is about does HRM increase tourism organisationsa performance or not.