Ritically discuss, with examples, the contributions that  Managing Diversity policies can make to the promotion of equality in organisations.


The two following texts provide a good introduction to many of the issues to be covered in the course:

Legge K. (2005). Human Resource Management: Rhetorics and realities. London: Macmillan Business.

Redman T. and Wilkinson A. (2005) Contemporary Human Resource Management: Text and cases. Harlow: Prentice hall.

However you will be expected to undertake additional reading. Reading lists, together with prescribed reading for each session, will be provided at the beginning of the course.

In addition, the following periodicals contain many relevant articles and constitute a valuable resource for the course:

British Journal of Management
Gender, Work & Organisation
Journal of Management Studies
Human Relations
Human Resource Management Journal
Work Employment & Society
Module Name:

Critical Approaches to Human Resource Management