Ritically document a game design with a comparison of 2 games from the same genre

Critically document the game design of an existing, publicly available (commercially or
freely) video or computer game that you have experience of playing, documenting how
formal game design concepts have been, or not been, applied to the game. Your report
should be between 2000 2500 words long
the structure, clarity, formatting and style of
your essay a be sure to at least include an introduction and conclusion, and appropriately
formatted references and attributions to other sources and screenshots.
I would like to have an evaluation between 2 games from the same type or ganre
Hints and Tips
If you are struggling to find a game to document, then a variety of free browser-based
games are available at the following websites. However, you should make sure that you
choose a game with sufficient depth, complexity and longevity that it provides enough
material for your report.

You should consider answering one or more, but not all of the following questions with
respect to your chosen game:
A· What is the core mechanic of the game, how does it suggest a genre and how
does the game relate to other games within the same genre?
A· How can the game be defined as a formal, experiential and cultural systems?
A· What are the choices involved in the game, and how do they create (or fail to
create) meaningful play?
A· What are the mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics of the game?
A· What are the formal elements of the game play?
A· What are the dramatic elements of the game?
A· What are the challenges, how are they constructed and balanced and how do
they change over time?
A· Critical documentation does not mean negative documentation
A· Avoid writing subjectively a?I think the game is fun because...a?
A· You are not writing a a?walk-througha? of how the game is played. Think

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