Ritically evaluate 3 research papers from the British Journal of Play Therapy

All 3 articles are from the British Journal of Play Therapy, vol.3, 2007

Article 1) Integrative work with children in long-term placements (Anne Barnes, Notre Dame Centre, Glasgow, pp 40-51)

Article 2) Look, up in the sky! Using superheroes in play therapy (Lawrence Rubin & Harry Livesay, USA, pp 4-13)

Article 3) Is there a rationale, in terms of current knowledge and research, for the use of Non-Directive Play Therapy with non-verbal autistic children? (Fatima Godinho, Camphill Rudolf Steiner Schools, pp 52-63)

Each Critical Evaluation for Each Paper needs to be around 500 words and to address the following issues.

Focus of the research: What are the aims, goals, objectives, subject area and hypotheses of the research?

Context: What assumptions are implicit in the research? Critically consider its definitions of the subject area.

Methods: is there a representative sampling? What are the methods of research used? Were they relevant, ethical and meaningful in your view? Is this research well designed or are you unsure of why it was planned in this way? all ethical issues have been considered?

Results/Analysis: What are the key points or findings? How do they relate to Play Therapy practice?

Discussion/Conclusion: What are the conclusions to this research? What does the evidence suggest here? What are the limitations or shortcomings to this research? What questions of issues are you left with?

Essential Points: What areas are directly relevant to Play Therapy and to your practice? If you were to summaries the most salient findings into three clear points, what would they be?