Ritically evaluate a current UK government policy relating to a social group impacted by globalization processes


This is a summative assignment, for you to show how you have built upon Assignment 1 and to assess your capacity to synthesize the different strands of your learning on the Unit through a critical evaluation of a policy and how it is interpreted, on the ground, through practice for a vulnerable social group. The global context for this policy will help you to establish a holistic approach to your learning on the Unit as well as the confidence to develop your own considered position in the globalization policy and practice debates.

. In addition, please study carefully the following specific guidelines:

(2) The subject of your report is a current UK government policy relating to a vulnerable social group impacted by globalization processes.
. In the report, examine any practice issues arising from the policy for members of the social groupa. This report could consist of the following elements, in the sequence outlined on the next page, as a guide

Preferred report structure is as follows:

1) The Title of the report and a Table of Contents with page numbering

2) An Executive Summary, which summarises a in bullet point format a the contents and findings of the report

3) An Introduction, on the objectives of the report, the policy and individuals with disability, how the report is going to link them together and which area of practice is involved

4) A TRANSFORMATIONALIST PERSPECTIVE: Debates that makes sense of the issues associated with globalization processes in the report title

5) Policy: Critically evaluates the policy and considers how it relates to Individuals with disability.. Has the policy changed over time as a result of globalization? If so, in what ways and with what consequences for the social group?

6) Social Group: Individual with disability: Analyzes the impacts of globalization processes on Individual with disability. What are they exactly? How have they changed the lives of members of the group?

7) Practical Issues: Brings (5) and (6) together by examining any practice issues on the ground from how the policy is working and how individuals with disabilities are coping a both in the context of globalization?

8) Overall Findings based on sections (5), (6) and (7) that show what you have discovered and how far the theoretical perspective has illuminated events and experiences.

9) General Conclusion, which summarises the report and relates it to your objectives in (3) above a how far have you achieved them?

10) A References list, which lists the minimum of fifteen sources.

Written expression is hence an important element of good written communication, so try to write clearly and accurately. Also put yourself in the position of the audience and ask yourself whether someone coming to your work a?colda would be able to follow your train of thought.

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