Ritically evaluate and explain the Benefits and limitations of economic analyses of entrepreneurial behaviour

This essay is for my entrepreneurship module at university.I am currently in my last year so a certain level of writing is expected. The module leader himself is Simon Down the author of Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Small Business and also expects us to use chapters in his book along with several other authors and journals to evaluate the question.

During my planning for this essay i asked him a question and got some pretty good feedback from him, i have attached a word document where you can find the feedback.

I have also found his book online at


Please use chapter 9 from the book and other relevant chapters,and quote Simon Down himself a couple of times. Furthermore i have attached two other powerpoints that could be of use.

lastly i have also attached two other bits which contain further readings, articles and journals that you should use as referencing points. If you could find a couple of references that are not from the lists, i think that would really help as well.

Obivously analyse both side of the argument but also try and come up with different points of views in an original way, this will make the essay seem like your own opinion and thoughts have been written down and not only what I have learnt in the Lectures and in his Book.

If you have any other question please dont hesitate to ask!