Ritically evaluate at least two different theories of autism.

essay focusing upon development problems. The essay will require individual library based research using the journals and books available both in paper form and on line.

Essay titles:

· Critically evaluate at least two different theories of autism.

These essays must include:
– a critical analysis of the issues surrounding the theoretical bases of Developmental Psychology;
– a demonstration of an appreciation of the theoretical, methodological and contextual basis of the research cited.

Marking Criteria

Overall grades for the essay will take into account the content and level of analysis illustrated. The marking grid gives details of the specific items your tutor will evaluate (see Appendix A). Overall grades need NOT be an arithmetical average of grades listed for individual items. These will look at the overall coherence of your argument taking into account the following:

A This essay should demonstrate a good deal of independent reading of the work by developmental psychologists with effective application to specific childhood problems (i.e. dyslexia, attention deficits and childhood depression) within socio-cultural contexts of childhood. The essay will draw effectively on course themes and readings.


Feedback Sheet for Theoretical Essay (assignment 1)

1st Marker: Provisional Grade:

Name: 2nd Marker: Agreed Grade:

Items on this grid are not of equivalent value. The grade reflects an overall judgement by the tutor(s) and not a mathematical average.
Essay Content
0 1 2 3 4 F E 5 6 7 DD D+ 8 9 10CC C+ 11 12 13BB B+ 14 15 16AA A+
1. A great deal of irrelevant or redundant material 1. Topic/question addressed directly
2. Almost all important issues themes overlooked 2. Key issued identified
3. Serious errors in explaining/ interpreting concepts/theory 3. Key concepts/theories grasped
4. Uncritical in accounts of significant concepts/theory 4. Critical appraisal of significant concept/theory
5. Reliant upon secondary or subservient resources 5. Evidence of original thought/own perceptions
6. No empirical support provided/ essay unfounded 6. Argument well supported by evidence
7. Includes a number of factual/ theoretical errors 7. High standard of factual/ theoretical accuracy
8. Poor use of primary source material to support argument 8. Good use of primary source material
9. Little/no attempt made to resolve theoretical conflicts 9. Draws together conflicts & provides a unified argument
Essay Technique
0 1 2 3 4 F E 5 6 7 DD D+ 8 9 10CC C+ 11 12 13BB B+ 14 15 16AA A+
1. Introduction lacking or ineffective 1. Effective introduction signalling interest
2. No clear organisation or structure to essay 2. Well organised and well structured essay
3. Unclear expression, posing difficulties in understanding 3. Clarity of expression aiding understanding
4. Sentence structure unclear or incomplete 4. Clear sentence structure grammatical
5. Inappropriate use of terms/ lack of understanding 5. Appropriate use of terms showing understanding
6. Little or no reference to source material 6. Well managed/appropriate reference to source material
7. Inadequate/poor referencing 7. Recommended format for referencing (Harvard)
8. Serious spelling errors 8. No spelling errors
9. Conclusion lacking or ineffective 9. Effective conclusion to arguments/essay
General Comments

Reading List

Essential Textbook

Comer, R. J. (2004). Abnormal Psychology, 5th ed. New York: Worth

Also Recommended

Brewin, C. (1997). Clinical psychology: A modular course. London: Psychology Press.
Davison, G. & Neale, J. (1998). Abnormal psychology. New York: Wiley.
Kendall, P. & Hammen, C. (1998). Abnormal psychology : understanding human problems. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
Seligman, E.P., Walker, E.F. & Rosenhan, D.L. (2001). Abnormal Psychology, 4th ed. New York: Norton

Relevant Journals

Archives of General Psychiatry
Behaviour Research and Therapy
Behavior Therapy
British Journal of Clinical Psychology
British Journal of Psychiatry
Cognitive Therapy and Research
International Journal of Eating Disorders
Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Journal of Anxiety Disorders
Journal of Clinical Psychology
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
Psychological Bulletin
Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice
Psychosomatic Medicine
Schizophrenia Bulletin