Ritically evaluate challenges to managing diversity in organisations.

2,500 word excluding bibliography. Word processed in Arial size 12 and double spaced.
Define how the question is going to be answered from the beginning.

*Application and critical treatment of academic and research material*
Have you used appropriate, good quality literature (academic and research
material) in your analysis?

Have you used good quality academic sources to find and evaluate any relevant
models and theories?

Are there differing points of view a either in the academic literature or in current
policy debates a about key features of the topic you are researching? Have you
dealt with these, and attempted to make your own evaluation, based on evidence?

*Depth and breadth of the analysis, and effective synthesis*
Have you explained and justified your choice of factors for more detailed
Have you tried to evaluate the significance of the material you have applied and
ensured that there is a logical flow and synthesis to the arguments being made
*Integration of the material in the assignment*
Does your analysis, use of models and evidence constitute a convincing and
persuasive piece of writing in which sections fit well together and research material
builds into an effective analysis.

*Written style, referencing, punctuation, spelling and grammar*

Referencing Requirements:
Academic and research material.(Books and Journals) Journals from CIPD ( Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.