Ritically evaluate Direct payments in relation to Personalisation

THIS ESSAY IS VERY DIFFICULT! nearly 40% of students fail each year

this essay has to be very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very concise !

start the essay talking about personalisation (what,where,when why how) and then introduce direct payments

what is personalisation? (as part of privatisation)
what is the background of personalisation? what are its key concepts? BASE THIS HEAVILY ON LAW think of privatisation policies. Explore the notions of paying down assists. Then Explain the conflict between Personalisation and direct payments.

Reasons why students who always fail this unit include: lack of structure, not up to date references, not up to date,
students mentioned ILF (independent learning fund) but didnt do a good job analysing why it was now closed or what impact that had.

part of this essay should describe the history of law with direct payments, but this should not miss legislation or policy out. it should explain what each policy/law brought to our current understanding.

why did our current government favour direct payments SO STRONGLY

why do we have personalisation? How is it better, worse… different to others weve had. (from a policy angle)

a little on philosophy (came from disability… person first)

issues around Personalisation and direct payments (practical issues, political issues)

discuss the key principles whilst critically analysing the three areas of personalisation (self assessment, resource allocation system and personal budgets)

VERY IMPORTANTLY Throughout the paper keep discussing and applying FACS / prioritising needs.

and keep in mind that there are three processes of personalisation (you should mention this) personal budgets, individual budgets and direct payments (write a short blurb about what each one is might look good in the beginning)

As you can see there is a lot to cover in a very few words! this is a deliberate move by the tutors to ensure we understood the concepts covered in class, and as i said before this needs to be VERY TO THE POINT

pssru.ac.uk (tutors require students to verily use this site)
Ascot (can be accessed via pssru)
news (how chancellor George Osborne predicts the future)
White Paper our health our care our say
Dilnot report
National Centre for independent living