Ritically evaluate equality of opportunity in (a) the teaching profession OR (b) the classroom

Independant study module so fairly free reign on content as long as it complies with the agreed essay title. (PREFERED, (a) in the teaching profession)

Most preferably including research, references quotes and ideas etc. form:

THE EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES HANDPOOK by Phil Clements & Tony Spinks ISBN:0-7494-3119-9.

uk (Equality issues etc raised on site)

uk (Government Law on Equality)

Attached is the guideline for independant study module learning outcomes, the Inended learning outcomes
may be useful as they can be shown in written essay if possible.

Also attached, Notes by lecturer for a lecture in the module this independant study is based on. They provide a starting point for the essay but the essay must not depend on them and must show external research.
Harvard citation.