Ritically evaluate Hope and Frasers (1997) arguments and the reasons for their arguments.

Budgeting, Hope and Fraser (1997:22) argue, should be dispensed with because it:  strengthens the vertical chain of command and control rather than empowering managers. It constrains rather than increases flexibility and responsiveness. It reinforces departmental barriers rather than encouraging knowledge-sharing across the organisation. It makes people feel undervalued as  costs to be minimised rather than assets to be developed. And it is bureaucratic, internally focused and time-consuming. That is quite a diatribe. Yet, it seems from anecdotal and other evidence that budgeting remains  alive and well in most organisations.

Critically analyse the reasons for Hope and Fraser s arguments. This should take you into other literatures/articles. Do not just repeat their (or others ) arguments, albeit in your own words. Basically, I am looking for analysis and not regurgitation. This means you should strive to present your own thoughts, ideas, and arguments; but, in so doing, make sure to substantiate these arguments with appropriate references (which may be theoretical and/or empirical in nature) because: essays will lose marks for making unsubstantiated assertions.

Academic journal articles are required for the essay. You are unable to use the internet apart from searching academic journal websites.