Ritically evaluate how government regulation can be a good thing for small firms?

I ask asked the professor about my plan about the essay which was a bad vs good argument and this is what he replied:

I think the good/bad framing is crude and misleading. To a large extent regulation is like the air we breath: necessary. Talking about it in terms of good and bad over dramatises the extent to which extreme positions of good or bad are desirable or achievable. The good/bad tactic for this question in some respect misses the point. The question asks you to focus on how regulation can be good for firms, and this should be the emphasis really. Though of course the question does implicitly raise the question of bad. Think about good and bad for whom?

Thus if I was writing this essay I would think about why the regulation is bad discourse is so popular today despite the fact that it is likely that nothing much will likely change. The key is to think through properly the point that less regulation requires more regulation (eg de-regulation is re-regulation) and recognised that a change might help one group/interest but will then become a problem for a different group, good and bad are interchangeble in that sense.

Can you please tell me what a good plan might be before writing.. thank you