Ritically evaluate how the a?Resource based viewa approach to HRM can help or fail to produce the performance outcomes an organisation requires.

1. Considerable debate exists in the literature over how best an organization can derive and establish its HRM strategy. Your answer should directly address potential benefits and concerns that have been raised in the literature that suggest that the i??Resource-based view. You are expected to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the i??resource based view approach to formulating HRM strategy. In addition, you are also expected to demonstrate your analytical skills by criticising how well this approach may actually function in practice. This means examining, arguing and presenting various sides of the debate, critically analysing their claims, and forming your own conclusion on this subject.

2. You are advised to research the literature beyond just textbooks and textbook chapters, to include relevant journal articles in order to answer the question.

3. When attempting to answer this question, it may be advisable to break it down and assess what is actually required in each part.