Ritically evaluate how the recent recession has been affecting strategic marketing management practices of Apple

Essay structure:

Give brief company profilewhat market the company is in, main segments, size, competitive advantage, strengths, weaknesses (reference from quality websites, business reports, business magazines). What problem did it face as a result of the recession?
3Discuss theories/strategies adopted by the company as a result of the recession(e.g. Ansoff MATRIX/ New products, new markets; generic competitive strategy; segmentation, joint ventures/alliances, etc.) reference from books and journals
4Discuss impact of the new strategies on the company (how are they doing as a result of the new strategy) reference

About Apple/Strategies

Brief background about Apple. Comment on their position in the technology market and analyse them in relation to their competitors
Regarding the background to Apple point out product range, markets, segmentation, competitive advantage and very brief SWOT. After highlighting their strategy (ies) you need to evaluate/make a judgement as to whether it was successful during the recession or not and provide evidence/reference.

Referencing Requirements:
reference from quality websites, business reports, business magazines and use highly regarded sources and literature for the theories/strategies