Ritically evaluate how theories of leadership define and explain how to identify and create effective leaders?

Your assignment must be word-processed in 12 point Arial. You will be judged by the quality of the work you provide which is expected to meet the academic standards of level five. References will be Harvard style within the text and listed alphabetically at the end. You should NOT list references you have not used in the text. Page numbers of references MUST be included where text is within quotation marks. Marks will be awarded for scholarship and related to the quality of the analysis carried out. This reflects the University assessment criteria for level 5. You MUST demonstrate learning from the module using the core text and other recommended texts. References from ACADEMIC research papers from online journals (NOT INTERNET sources) are expected as part of your own desk research. You must be careful to avoid plagiarism.
The criterion referencing grid below provides a clear idea of how assessors mark the assignment.

text book: Organizational Behaviour writter: Stephen P.Robbins and Timothy A.Judge