Ritically evaluate interventions aimed at increasing physical actvity levels in school children aged 5-11 (Primary School)


1. Intervention/s chosen: Interventions in schools that help promote physical actvity in young children. I.e Interventions such as, walking bus (promotes school children to walk to school), increased P.E., Cylce to school week, playground marking (promoting play and physcial activity at playtimes). Gareth Srattons work from the journal ergonomics is very useful: physcial activity; a study using playground markings, James Sallis et al; Environmental and Policy Interventions to promote physical activty may be useful too (American Journal of prevntive medicine.

2. Consider the aim of the intervention. Is it just to increase physical activity levels or is the intervention targeted at a particular clinical population. Yes Children.

3. Consider short/long term aims.

4. Elements such as age group and gender need to be considered.

5. Whrere are/is the intervention carried out?.

6. What type of study is it?.

7. How had it been evaluated?.

8. Think how you critque a research paper. What do you need to include?.

9. Include a introduction and a conclusion.

If necessary, 1 intervention can be evaluated, but i think analysing 2-3 in less detail would be far more beneficial and making comparisons between different interventions from different counties like, England, USA, Australia etc, to promote physcial activity levels in children aged 5-11. The conclusion should conclude that there are both governmental and independant/private objectives to promote physcial activity in young children.

Texts about health promotion would provide a basis, but also concurrent research in journals would be beneficial. Electronic sources are ok.