Ritically evaluate issues surrounding young people, gang and gun crime and analyze current policy areas of development.

 encourage an engagement and awareness and the development of skills in discussing contemporary issues within society.
 provide a framework for reviewing selected aspects of contemporary development in human services work with children and families.
 analyse the impact on the developments of explicit and implicit policy and guidance developed by the UK government, key departments, agencies and organisations and/or the influence of international and trans-disciplinary models of practice.

The assignment will need to demonstrate your ability to chose and critically analyse a selected area of current development. Discuss the political/policy themes and have considered the underlying changes. You will reflect on the issues associated and possible impact on practice.

There is one assignment, which consists of a 2500 word critical account of an issue of your choice, drawing on a contemporary issue and utilising your learning with regard to relevant theory. You will need to select an issue that is both newsworthy and relevant to the concerns of the unit. You will have to select you own title but this should be negotiated with your tutor. You will need to undertake a review of the literature surrounding your chosen topic and you are expected to utilise a minimum of 15 academic texts or academic journal articles in writing your paper.
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