Ritically evaluate John Rawls claim in political liberalism to justify Justice as Fairness as a political conception.

Critically evaluate Rawlas claim in Political Liberalism to justify a?Justice as Fairnessa as a political conception?
(Particularly these questions could be an outline of essay however you can add necessary points as well, I think it would be better if you can add bc I am not sure if they are really related closely or not)

1. What does Rawls mean by his theory of justice as fairness? ( May be this question is too big, please keep your answer short.
2. What is the idea of an a?overlapping consensusa?
3. What is a reasonable comprehensive doctrine?
4. Identify reasonable persons and reasonable comprehensive doctrines?
5. Why does Rawls claim that the two principles of justice are indeed compatible with all reasonable comprehensive doctrines?
6. The critics…

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