Ritically evaluate one of the main theoretical perspectives on globalization using examples from any topic explored on the Unit


A 1500 word essay based on the work you have been developing in Weeks 1 a 9 of Term 1 2013 in line with the lecture/seminar programme above.


1) You should read the following guidelines in conjunction with the box chart showing the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for this Unit provided earlier in this handbook. You should also consider the skills development section above and note how your progress with regard to the Universityas four key skills will be assessed in this assignment. In addition, please study carefully the following specific guidelines:

2) This is a developmental assignment, designed to assess your grasp of the core theoretical ideas and issues concerning globalization with which you need to be come familiar prior to tacking the report in Assignment 2. You are required to organize your material in essay format and present a word count at the end. The title of the essay is: Critically evaluate one of the main theoretical perspectives on globalization using examples from any topic explored on the Unit.

3) Hence the assignment requires you to critically evaluate one of the main theoretical perspectives on globalization, namely either a?globalista (in either of its optimist or pessimist) variants, or a?inter-nationalista, or the a?transformationalista perspective. To do this, you will undertake three tasks. First, you will need to choose one of these different perspectives on globalization and develop some understanding about it from your reading. Second, you will need to develop the skills of critical evaluation and apply them to your chosen theoretical perspective. You will learn and practice these skills in the seminar component of the weekly lecture/seminar programme. Third, you will have to develop some knowledge about a topic covered in Term 1 and then link examples of it to your chosen theoretical perspective.

4) Your essay should be structured around various sub-headings and sections, which are set out on the next page in a sequence as a guide. This is not meant to be prescriptive however and, at Level 3, you are free to interpret it in the light of your own approach to the essay. Your essay should be written in your own words and style. Please see the advice on plagiarism later in this handbook.

5) A suggested essay plan is as follows:

Title you set out the exact essay title as shown above
Introduction a your essay introduction paragraph contains the aims of the essay, the sequence of topics to be discussed and a signpost of the direction of your discussion
Definition of Key Terms a a brief unpacking of the key terms/concepts to be used in the discussion
The Theoretical Perspective a a paragraph summarising the one you have chosen and what it says about globalization
The Topic a a paragraph on the one you have chosen and how it links to your theoretical perspective
Critical evaluation a some paragraphs where you evaluate your theoretical perspective using either the criteria of: coherence, empirical adequacy and comprehensiveness or the criteria of: strengths and weaknesses. In using either of these evaluation criteria, you can draw on examples of your topic.
Conclusion a a final paragraph where you summarise the results of your critical evaluation on your chosen theoretical perspective
References a your list of a minimum of ten sources (see Recommended Reading section above) to pass the assignment, which are in line with the Referencing Guidelines set out below in this handbook

6) Your essay must be word processed, double spaced and page numbered. The University regulation is that you are allowed to exceed a word count by up to a maximum of 10%. Here, this allows you an additional 150 words, if you need them. However, this is not required for a good grade because writing concisely and precisely to a limit are key Level 3 skills. No more than 10% of your assignment should be in the form of quotations.

There are 4 theoretical perspectives, namely Optimistic globalists, Pessimistic globalists, Inter-nationalist and Transformationalist.
I would like to use internet globalisation as an example with Transformationalist as my main theoretical perspective on globalisation. And I would like to describe both positive and negative effect of internet on globalisation. But I would like to conclude the essay with positive perspectives of the internet on globalisation. And I would like to present the effect on Asia, if it is possible. This is because some nations such as South Korea in Asia are powerful nations of the internet, and the internet has been well developed in Asia. If a writer is not able to describe Asia, then some nations of Europe will be fine.
Please use a suggested essay plan I have mentioned above.