Critically evaluate the argument that diversity management is good for organizations, but damaging for employees.

Essential reading: Gilbert, J. and J. Ivancevich (2000). Valuing diversity: a tale of two organizations.Academy of Management Executive 14(1): 93-105. Wrench, J. (2005) a?Diversity management can be bad for you.a Race and Class, 46(3): 73-84.

1. Provide a clear introduction. In the short paper for coursework this should be brief and succinct, avoiding any unnecessary a?paddinga. The introduction should give the reader an initial understanding of what the discussion is about and what it will cover.
2. Provide evidence of research and reading. You should include making use of recent journal articles, books and book chapters. This is a very important aspect of the coursework a if you simply regurgitate sections of the textbook, you will not score highly on this criterion. You will also need to demonstrate the reflection on what you have read and that you have understood the main arguments/debates in the literature a you should not simply be summarising what one author after another has argued.
3. Substantiate propositions and arguments. You need to gather empirical evidence (from the literature and available data sources) and present theories where appropriate a incorporate this evidence into the body of the essay, rather than presenting tables and figures in appendices. Where relevant and appropriate to your discussion, you should consider alternative and competing perspectives so that you can demonstrate an ability to think critically and evaluate different arguments. Although your own reflections are important, these must be informed and supportable with proper academic argument and evidence, rather than offering a?homespuna wisdom.
4. Provide a clear conclusion. This must summarise the key points and arguments made, but also draw conclusions about the topic you have discussed.
5. Reference all cited sources and provide a comprehensive a?Harvard stylea bibliography. It is very important that you do not attempt to present the ideas of published or unpublished authors as your own a otherwise you risk being charged with plagiarism. You must be careful to reference throughout the writing and not simply provide a bibliography at the end. Include all Internet-only sources a provide full web link and date accessed in the bibliography.