Ritically evaluate the evidence for genetic contributions to a chosen behaviour aspect (such as addiction or personality)

essay should be 2500 words long.Please do not put through turnitin as i will hand it in through turnitin. there are papers that culd be helpful like 1.genetic contributions to addiction by John C Crabbe. 2. Our genes ourself? by Ari Berkowitz 3.Geneti influences in drug abuse by George R. Uhl,Gregory I, Elmer, Michael C. LaBUDA, and Roy W. Pickens. 4. Genetic bases of addictiveve behaviours by Scott D. Philibin, Kristine M. Wiren and John C. Crabbe. 5. Genes and addictio by Eric J. Nestler pages 277 to 280. These are just some of the papers i could find but there are a lot more.Please note these were not recommended by the lecturer, i had done a bit of my own research. The books recommended by the lecturer were 1. Biological Psychology by S.Marc Breedlove, Mrk R. Rosenzweig, Neil V. Watson fifth edition. 2.cognitive Neuroscience (The Biology of the mind) third edition by Richerd S. Gazaniga, Richard B. Ivry, George R.Mangin.3. Biopsychology 7th edition. Allyn & Bacon: Boston and the fourth one is Foundations of Biopsychology:3rd edition. Pearson, Harlow.