Ritically Evaluate the extent to which Branding has an effect on the Consumers Buyer Behaviour within the Grocery Sector

This is a Retail Management Dissertation Proposal including literature review. it should include the objectives that should be set and there is the need to outline the sources of secondary data that are going to be used. then it is expected that I detail and justify the primary research approach and justify your chosen methods for the research and for the analysis. you should finally give an indication of some of the actual sources you will be using which you have found in your early literature review.
Correct Referencing using a standard referencing system is absolutely essential. The system I am required to use is the Harvard System. The assessors need to see the extent of the reading and studying undertaken, which should be indicated in the references listing at the end of your document, to be presented before any appendices. I am required to constantly reference your points, using the short Harvard notation of: author, date and should include the page number as well for quotations. whilst the current accepted academic style is to use paraphrasing in your own words it is perfectly proper to quote from original authors. there should not however be too many quotations and when giving these they should be brief and to the point.