Ritically evaluate the extent to which class and kinship have provided models of social organisation for anthropoligists and sociologists.

.The assignment should be divided into two parts. Anthropologist part (1,500 words) and the sociology part (1,500 words)
.They should be lots of argument for both topics
.it should have a beautiful introduction.
.both should have a concrete conclusion..etc..

Referencing Requirements:
(sociology books)
.Hall, S and Mc Grew, T (1992) Modernity and its futures”. Cambridge
.Morrison,K. (1996) Marx, Durkhiem, Weber: foundation of modern social thought”
.Gieben, B. and Hall,s. (1992)Formations of modernity”.

(Anthropology books)
.Anthropological perspectives of kinship
.Delaney Carol(2004), investigating culture: an experiential introduction to anthropology.
.Howell Signe(2003)Kinning: the creation of life trajectiories in transnational adoptive families (Journal)
.Evans-Pitchard E E 1940 The Nuer.
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