Ritically evaluate the extent to which the role of leaders and managers contributes to employee motivation and engagement within organisations.”

Introduction:Why is this of relevance to organisations?
Critically review the role of leadership and management in supporting individual motivation(discuss at least one motivation theory)
Critically evaluate the role of leaders and managers in achieving employee engagement.
Conclusion:recommendations which are likely to enhance employee motivation and engagement.
Depth of evaluation and the application of leadership and management theories and models to employee engagement and motivation.
Evidence of understanding of key theories and contemporary academic articles relevant to the question being addressed:depth of analysis,critique and application of theories and models.
Relevance,feasibility and appropriateness of recommendations made for bringing about improvement in motivation and engagement.
Clarity and coherence of presentation (With regard to structure of argument,correctness of spelling and grammar,appropriateness of language,accuracy of referencing including Harvard Referencing scheme.

Referencing Requirements:
the essay should draw upon a wide range of sources.including journal papers,textbooks etc.