Ritically Evaluate the following statement

Critically evaluate the following statement:

The real value of mediation to those of us who are disenchanted with the ability of the legal system to promote social justice is that it allows disputes to be settled according to alternative normative frameworks.

It is important this essay be argumentative. Take a side, and run with it. But attempt to reconcile any counter arguments. Please choose up to 3 (but definately more than 1) key arguments, and counter arguments for this essay.
Please remember to be concise with your citation, and show plenty originality, flair, and analysis with your research. The set text is: Stychin, CF., Mulcahy, L. (2007). Legal Methods and Systems: Text and Materials”. 3rd Edition. London: Swseet & Maxwell ISBN: 978-0-421-96540-9 I have to say, this book is pretty good (and so it should, as one of the authors is my lecturer).

Of course, any other questions, please dont hesitate to ask.

Good to be working with you again 🙂
Footnoted including Bibliography, Tabel of Statutes, and Table of Cases